Covid-19 brochure

How COVID-19 secure are your workplaces?

Achieving a workplace that’s COVID-19 secure for all your employees and visitors involves far more than just a few hand sanitisers, a one-way system and some signage about maintaining a 2m distance and handwashing.

Our comprehensive COVID-19 Secure Working service looks deep into your organisation, pinpointing the hazard areas and providing the COVID-19 secure solutions you may need. And because no two organisations are the same, our service is personalised specifically to your estates, buildings and workplaces.

Initially, we create a long-term strategy with you. Then, by partnering with you, we implement the necessary actions to create COVID-19 secure workplaces. These steps will most likely include:

  • Regular COVID-19 risk assessments for all workplace types
  • Advice on various COVID-19 security aspects such as hygiene, ventilation, one-way systems etc
  • Continuously monitoring Government guidelines to keep your policies and actions updated
  • Preparing you for the post-COVID world

A COVID-19 secure workplace gives you, your staff and your visitors peace of mind that you are all as safe as humanly possible.

To find out more about our service, download our brochure now.

Or get in touch today if you have any specific queries for your organisation. We’re here to help in any way we can.


Download our COVID-19 brochure

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