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Six Months In: The Start of My Journey With LCMB

It’s rare, I think, to make a drastic career change and find that your new job is the perfect fit. Before August 2018, my career seemed straight forward: obtain a bachelor’s degree in theatre studies > get a job in a Theatre as a House Manager > very predictable next steps.  However, it turned out …Read more

Why do we do what we do?

  … because people are more important than buildings. We spend more than 90% of our lives indoors, but since we’re so used to it, we can miss or forget the impact good, and bad buildings, can have on our quality of life. We’ve all felt that certain lift when we go into a well-designed …Read more

2019, a year to define the UK’s future?

Reflecting on 2018, we saw some major shifts in markets, behaviour, technology and politics which are likely to have a continued impact into 2019 and beyond. 2018 started with a bit of a bang with the collapse of Carillion. A business with sales of £5.2bn, 42,000 employees and a market capitalisation of almost £1bn the …Read more

Productivity Heaven Series, Step 3

Productivity Heaven Series

Step 3: Anaylse and Plan   You may generate a lot of data in the previous step (step 2), so the first challenge is to make sense of it all.  The following approach will help you do this: 1.Undertake a high-level review of the data collected to check the quality of the information and get …Read more

Productivity Heaven Series, Step 2

Step 2: Collect Data  The quality of data collected underpins the building performance approach and will have a strong bearing on the quality  of subsequent outcomes. By making full use of existing data where possible, you will minimise additional information  and work required. You will need information on: People – insights from building users Place …Read more

Zero carbon’s coming

Over the last few weeks and months we’ve been thinking about the UK’s recently announced zero carbon aims, in particular what it means for the country, and for UK organisations. For some organisations zero carbon is already within their sights –  we’ve already worked for a number of our forward-thinking clients to define the next …Read more

Productivity Heaven Series

Worker productivity is fundamental for our economic health. Sadly, UK’s productivity is 35% less than the Germans, and 30% less than the US. The French could produce the average British worker’s weekly output, and still take Friday off. (source – ONS) This productivity gap is a barrier to UK’s prosperity and efforts to close this …Read more

My 100k run

Earlier this year, clearly in a moment of madness, I agreed to run the 100k Race to the Stones, in one go, with an ultra-running friend of mine. I properly committed to the task in February when my father passed away from the effects of an ataxia, or neurological dis-order, and I saw the opportunity …Read more

Five steps to productivity heaven

Five steps to productivity heaven

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and its effect on wellbeing and productivity For the last three years we have researched how Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) affects worker productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover.  The evidence is clear that temperature, humidity, light, space, noise, CO2 and VOCs (among other factors) have a huge effect on people’s motivation, cognitive …Read more

Clients deserve their contractors!

Every so often, the debate about “value in construction” rears its head once more across the industry. And it normally happens at the beginning, or middle stages of a period of growth when demand exceeds supply. And when this happens, clients’ procurement routes often ends up competing for limited capacity, in order to deliver their …Read more

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