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Hit your carbon, environmental and H&S targets

Estates can comprise of many elements, but no matter what shape your buildings take, there are two ‘must-haves’ that EVERY business needs. One: The estate must serve its purpose (You won’t sell if people can’t get into your store after all!). Two: The estate must provide a safe space for staff and customers. To ensure …Read more

Theresa May’s tuition fee review – what next?

This week, Theresa May announced a year- long tuition fee review. There was not much information to go on, but the announcement sparked a largely critical press response. The Times writes: “Wrong-headed on so many counts. “The whole thing is a complete muddle,” says one minister.” Given the coverage, the announcement may not succeed in …Read more

Assessing your building performance

We would recommend that on at least an annual basis, businesses should look at their buildings and estate and critically access if their buildings are supporting their aims by asking the following four basic questions: 1) Have you defined what value you want from your buildings, and how they will help you deliver your business …Read more

Carillion – what it means for us all?

Huge corporate collapses occur with depressing regularity. Barings, WorldCom, Enron, Northern Rock, Lehman… each had their specific cause but they were all victims of spectacular misjudgement. Carillion’s stats are eye watering: 43,000 employees, £900m debts and a £587m pension deficit. The government was pretty reliant on Carillion – it was the Ministry of Defence’s biggest …Read more

So how exactly did our 2017 predictions fair?

At the beginning of this year, we made four predictions for 2017. 1: UK business investment will pick up significantly when a coherent Brexit plan and negotiating position emerges and is properly communicate 2: Brexit will present plenty of new opportunity for businesses and people who are prepared to explore doing things differently 3: UK Government will …Read more

Productivity trumps cost reduction

        Looking at the latest worker productivity data from ONS we can see that productivity growth has stagnated over the last decade. When we consider that current UK output is 30% plus below other G7 nations, we can see that reversing this trend is one of the most important opportunities available to …Read more

TRIADS and Tribulations

The TRIAD season runs from 1st November to 28th February every year and is nothing to do with organised crime! It’s a game that the National Grid plays with us to reduce our electricity consumption over this period of peak demand and applies to all businesses with half hourly metering. As a country we only …Read more

Bigger than Brexit: Britain’s productivity crisis

“Bigger than Brexit: Britain’s productivity crisis”, was the title of a Telegraph newspaper article earlier in the month that covered a topic that my team and I have been talking about for ages. This article explained that for years and years, worker productivity in the UK has fallen behind other European and G7 countries by …Read more

What can elite sport teach us about building performance?

I was recently invited to speak at the Association of University Engineers Conference on how you improve the performance of buildings. I started to think about the way many universities and other organisations approach improving the performance of their buildings, and what performance means in the building context. In a previous career, I worked with …Read more

What’s the true cost of your workplace? It’s more than you think.

Last week, this survey published by UK Construction Week caught my eye. The headline statistic is that 72% say building performance is the most important feature in a commercial building or workplace. This immediately throws up two questions:  1. Will building performance make a financial difference to my business? (clue – the short answer is …Read more

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