Revitalizing Healthcare Facilities: Royal Berkshire NHS Trust Transformation 


LCMB’s commitment to improving healthcare facilities is exemplified by the work of our Facilities and Buildings Project Management Consultant at Royal Berkshire NHS Trust. Despite tight timelines and fiscal constraints, our team has consistently delivered projects that enhance patient care and hospital efficiency. This case study outlines our successful approach and the significant value delivered.


Operating within the fiscal parameters of the NHS, where yearly funding must be fully utilized within the year, and with a rigorous procurement process for projects above £5,000, our team at LCMB faced a challenging task. Each project often had to be completed within a nine-month window, from inception to completion, including the design, tender, and construction phases.


Our consultants took on multiple responsibilities in this complex context, from managing projects and stakeholders to ensuring adherence to procurement and financial criteria. The primary tasks included providing a structured approach to project management, managing financials, ensuring service delivery, and maintaining project reporting and archiving systems. 

Several significant projects undertaken by LCMB include: 

  1. Site-wide roofing project in 2021 and 2022, covering flat roofs over the ICU and other wards and pitched roofs of Grade 2 listed buildings. 
  2. Conservation of a Grade 2 star listed building under the North Block East Wing project. 
  3. ICU Refurbishment project involving the reconfiguration of existing offices and the provision of new Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) services. 
  4. North Block Wing extension stabilisation project. 


The LCMB team’s dedicated work significantly enhanced the hospital’s infrastructure by providing facilities fit for purpose and not in danger of collapse. This not only improved patient care but also positively impacted the hospital staff’s working conditions and the hospital’s overall efficiency. 

Challenges and Achievements

Despite facing a series of internal and external challenges, LCMB demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness. We facilitated effective communication, found solutions that catered to all stakeholders, and ensured the timely payment of contractors and suppliers to prevent any project delays or disruptions.

LCMB has been exemplary in delivering multiple challenging and sensitive projects at the Reading Hospital site ”  

John Salt 

Head of Estates Development 

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