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In 2019, The Hillingdon Hospital Trust was selected as part of the governments Hospital Infrastructure Plan (HIP). This plan looked to redevelop the Hillingdon Hospital site with a planned completion of 2026-28. The hospital would be transformed into a net-zero carbon and digitally enabled estate.


LCMB were instructed to create an FM Strategy that looked to transform the Estates and Facilities operations to allow them to be able to work smarter in the existing environment and smoothly transition into a new hospital. The Trusts aim was to deliver a world class net zero carbon and digitally enabled FM service that dramatically enhanced patient experience.



LCMB produced an FM Strategy specific to the needs of Hillingdon Hospital. The strategy outlined how the hospital would transform from its current operational set up to a new way of working encompassing a digital first approach.

The approach to the transformation covered three main areas:

  1. Training and investment – Increasing the teams’ digital skills, improving helpdesk functionality
  2. Addressing gaps – increasing use of existing technologies, addressing compliance backlog
  3. Digital – investment in new digital infrastructure to support a digital twin approach, introducing pilot projects to support services


  • Creating a net zero carbon operating platform
  • A digital first approach to Estates and FM operations
  • Enabling the team to be fully trained and adaptable
  • Reduce operating costs through strategical investment in staff and resources
  • Reduce maintenance costs by ~30%, cleaning costs by ~15%, utility costs by ~10%
  • To support potential budget reductions and staff productivity.

Challenges and Achievements

In order to put together the strategy in place, it was important that we engaged with the key stakeholders and user groups, this included the following actions:

Engagement with the Estates and FM team, to understand how the current operation of the hospital works and to develop the future strategy for the hospital up to and into the new hospital. This included running workshops with the Estates and FM team, individual in depth interviews.

Reviewing existing budget, six-facet surveys to understand the backlog maintenance required and how the Estates team will manage this process.

Digital Sub-Group – close working with the digital sub-group to understand and influence the FM elements of the digital infrastructure of the hospital.

Design Development Project Group – attendance at design meetings to understand the alignment of other workshops and contribute from an FM perspective.

Participation in 1:500 and 1:200 design meetings. These meetings were attended alongside the Estates and FM team members and allowed for alignment with the Schedule of Accommodations, co-locations for service and FM service lines.

Case studies carried out to understand operations at other NHS Trusts and reviewing the use of AGV’s in some of these settings.

If your NHS Trust or private sector organisation need our help with creating a facilities strategy to transform your estates and facilities operations including a net zero strategy, then please contact Oscar for an informal, no obligation chat [email protected]

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the LCMB team and found their approach to developing our FM Strategy both refreshing and professional. They clearly have a lot of experience and knowledge in the FM sector and engaged well with my team to provide the right level of challenge and support to enable us to think through and plan our journey to the new net-zero carbon, digitally enabled Hospital.

Steve Wedgewood

Deputy Director of Estates & Facilities

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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