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Constructing Excellence Integrated data systems meeting

On Monday 26th February, Constructing Excellence asset management group held their latest theme group meeting on Integrated data systems. Building on the last meeting’s topic of ‘Big data’, the session focus was on how data is now being used in the industry to improve construction and operation of buildings. The event was hosted by Westfield and …Read more

Productivity trumps cost reduction

        Looking at the latest worker productivity data from ONS we can see that productivity growth has stagnated over the last decade. When we consider that current UK output is 30% plus below other G7 nations, we can see that reversing this trend is one of the most important opportunities available to …Read more

What can elite sport teach us about building performance?

I was recently invited to speak at the Association of University Engineers Conference on how you improve the performance of buildings. I started to think about the way many universities and other organisations approach improving the performance of their buildings, and what performance means in the building context. In a previous career, I worked with …Read more

Trump Tower; the world’s most productive office?

Over the past year, LCMB have spent time investigating the impact of indoor environment factors (temperature, light, pollutants etc.) on workplace productivity, as part of our WLP+ research project. The conclusion is a clear relationship exists, but there is a lack of understanding around what the ideal environmental conditions look like. To understand the impact …Read more

Employee well-being or energy saving, what should we prioritise?

Last week, I attended a debate on whether the current interest in well-being in buildings is taking attention away from measures to improve energy efficiency. Whilst there is broad agreement they can be achieved in harmony, there is a tendency to prioritise one over the other, and the concern expressed is a focus on well-being, …Read more

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