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How to plan and deliver your workplace relocation to secure your planned benefits and improve performance

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A workplace relocation can be an unknown, daunting and stressful prospect, but if planned and managed effectively, it can be an extremely transformative move for a business. When the decision is made to relocate, advance and detailed planning is key to ensuring it is a positive and productive step for all stakeholders in the organisation.  …Read more

LCMB are recruiting for a Senior PM Consultant

LCMB have a vacancy for a Senior Project Management Consultant.  We are looking to recruit a dynamic and innovative person to join our team. We offer a competitive package, excellent benefits and the chance to make a real difference in the workplace. The role will be based in our Bloxham office with opportunities to work …Read more

LCMB talking at Oxford Greentech Built Environment workshop

In February 2019, LCMB joined Oxfordshire Greentech. Since then, we’ve opened many doors with our Green-focused Oxfordshire neighbours, and are pleased to announce we will be opening a door of our own as champions of Greentech’s Built Environment special interest group.  On 18th July, we will be presenting at the Innovation and Sustainability for the …Read more

Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A New Framework Definition by UKGBC

UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has developed a framework definition for net zero carbon buildings to provide industry with clarity on how to achieve net zero carbon in construction and operation. From November 2018 to March 2019, UKGBC brought together an extensive range of industry stakeholders, including a task group, to build consensus on a …Read more

To relocate, or not, that is the question.

  Many businesses find themselves in a position of having to relocate. There are a range of reasons for this, including, outgrowing an existing building, the need to be in a different location, having to present a different customer-facing or brand experience or simply having a building that no longer functions as needed. Moving can …Read more

Guest Blog: What makes employees happy?

This is a simple question, but complex to answer. An overview of current research reports tells us quite strongly that the workplace experience must support : A sense of wellbeing Employee satisfaction Individuals to feel they are making a contribution to the organisation It’s clear that facilities managers, building owners / operators, and employers must …Read more

LCMB joins Oxfordshire Greentech

LCMB are pleased to announce they have joined Oxfordshire Greentech. Oxfordshire Greentech is a business network supporting the growth of the low-carbon sector in Oxfordshire. They bring together businesses and organisations to encourage innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer, to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable, low carbon future in Oxfordshire and the world. The low …Read more

2019, a year to define the UK’s future?

Reflecting on 2018, we saw some major shifts in markets, behaviour, technology and politics which are likely to have a continued impact into 2019 and beyond. 2018 started with a bit of a bang with the collapse of Carillion. A business with sales of £5.2bn, 42,000 employees and a market capitalisation of almost £1bn the …Read more

Productivity Heaven Series, Step 3

Productivity Heaven Series

Step 3: Anaylse and Plan   You may generate a lot of data in the previous step (step 2), so the first challenge is to make sense of it all.  The following approach will help you do this: 1.Undertake a high-level review of the data collected to check the quality of the information and get …Read more

High CO2 decreases cognitive capability

We all instinctively know that poor office conditions lead to dissatisfied, unproductive and unwell building occupants. However, until now the relationship between indoor environmental conditions and productivity has been largely studied in the laboratory. The research: Whole Life Performance Plus (WLP+) is a £530,000 three-year study, led by Oxford Brookes University and LCMB Building Performance, …Read more

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