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An unexpected upside for post Brexit UK!

On the 16th October I was given an opportunity to share a stage in Oxford with Cllr Tom Hayes, Cabinet Member for Zero Carbon Oxford at Oxford City and Dominic Humphreys, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) lead on Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). The event, organised by Oxfordshire Greentech and Oxford City …Read more

Why isn’t everyone creating Productive, High Performing and Healthier Workplaces?

Over the last thirty years, designing, constructing and operating buildings I’ve seen first-hand the benefits on people’s lives, their wellbeing and performance of improving their surroundings. And to me the business case is obvious for organisations to improve the workplace. However, it’s the more forward-thinking organisations in the UK that are doing this, and I …Read more

My 21k Swim. I will not be doing that again!

Swimming in a lake

In my previous blog, I explained the motivation for taking on my Lake Windermere swim, the personal challenge it presented and how my training was proving to be a rich metaphor for life. A smooth start and a bumpy middle On Sunday the 1st September, at 7:15am, I entered the cold water of the lake at …Read more

Swimming 21km for Macmillan Cancer Support is proving to be a rich metaphor for life

Over the last few years, like many, I have seen and experienced first-hand the random and devastating impact cancer can have on the lives of family and friends. Over the last year alone, my sister and a dear friend have suffered from the emotional and physical impact of mouth and prostate cancer. My sister’s mouth …Read more

UK Higher Education is in very rude health, how can estates and facilities teams help keep it there? Part 2: Our thoughts and recommendations

Our previous blog highlighted that no matter how you look at it, all measures suggest UK Higher Education is in very good health. But there are risks, and we identified the storm clouds on the horizon to which HEIs will need to respond if they are to maintain this success. Overall, HE estates and facilities …Read more

UK Higher Education is in very rude health, how can estates and facilities teams help keep it there? Part 1

With four of the worlds top ten universities, the UK is batting way, way above its size as a nation. No matter how you look at it, all measures suggest that UK Higher Education is in very good health. HE Performance 2017-18 – 2.34 million students studied at UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), with 0.14 million …Read more

Ask Our Experts – May’s Top Question

Q: Should I be planning for my buildings and estate to be net zero carbon, and if so, over what timescale? Name withheld by request.            A: This is a very interesting question. Zero carbon isn’t quite upon us, but the UK socio-economic climate is showing more interest, and the political, …Read more

John O’Brien speaking at HEDQF – 22nd May 2019

    John O’Brien, our Managing Director and Founder, will be presenting to the Higher Education Design Quality Forum (HEDQF) on 22nd May in London. HEDQF promotes high-quality design at university campuses, buildings and facilities in order to enhance student experience, research and public engagement. Join John as he presents the recent groundbreaking findings on …Read more

Why is Asset Management such a simple concept, but so difficult to deliver?

After six years I am stepping down as chair of Constructing Excellence’s Asset Management Theme Group. My day to day work commitments at LCMB are making it increasingly difficult to carve out the time and resource to manage and deliver a quality programme for CE’s members. What is Asset Management? Asset Management defines and drives …Read more

Support John’s 21km swim along Lake Windermere for Macmillan Cancer

  John O’Brien, LCMB’s founder and MD is setting out to swim Lake Windermere, a distance of 21km in September of this year to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. One in three of us will suffer from cancer over our lifetime which means pretty much all of us will be impacted directly or indirectly. …Read more

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