Dominic Hayes

A day in the life of a degree engineering apprentice

I am Dom, aged 19 and I’ve been an apprentice at LCMB since September 2023.  I study one day a week at London South Bank University completing my Level 6 degree in Building Service Design Engineering BEng (Hons). I spend four days a week working with LCMB. 

So what is a typical day like as an apprentice:

On a Monday morning, I get the train into London to start my university day at LSBU by 9am. The initial lecture runs until 1pm, which provides an overview of a Building Services Engineering role, covering aspects such as Public Health Engineering. This module provides a solid understanding of their functionalities and value.

Following lunch, the academic day continues with Engineering Mathematics. In this class, we delve into the mathematical principles relevant to the Engineering field. The day concludes with a session on Construction Practice, where we are taught industry-standard CAD software such as Auto CAD and Revit. I find it engaging as we work on intriguing projects, such as crafting our own 3D model of a house, and the creation of a two storey house floorplan.

My daily responsibilities at LCMB compliment my studies, and I find the work I do at university seamlessly integrates with my role. There is a broad scope of technical drawings. The connection between academic learning and practical application ensure a well-rounded approach to my skill development.

Choosing LCMB was a deliberate decision rooted in the company’s ethos and the positive impact it has, particularly in the Net Zero sector. The alignment of values is gratifying, knowing that our work contributes to a better world. Additionally, I appreciate the emphasis on collaborative problem-solving and teamwork, making my day-to-day experiences more enjoyable.

In terms of projects, since joining in September, I have actively participated in various initiatives. One noteworthy project involved contributing to a complex heat decarbonisation plan for a prestigious London university. Gathering data on consumption and costs, I played a crucial role in producing sections for the final report, offering a gratifying experience of being involved throughout the entire process.

Balancing my time between LCMB and university is integral to my career progression. Mondays are dedicated to university, while the remaining four days are spent working either in the office or remotely. The dual nature of these experiences is equally valuable; university education imparts technical knowledge, while the practical experiences in the office provides insights into the professional environment and the application of theoretical learning in real-world scenarios. 

I have gained invaluable first hand experience by visiting sites integral to our projects. This includes conducting assessment at Oxfordshire County Council sites and undertaking surveys in Birmingham for a project with National Express. These experiences vividly illustrate the real-world implications of our office initiatives and underscore how our efforts can directly enhance our clients businesses. 

We are currently recruiting for a new degree apprentice to join us next year so if you interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Dom Hayes 


Apprentice Consultant 

LCMB are currently recruiting for a Degree Apprentice to join us this September 2024

We are now looking for a new team member who shares our passion for energy, climate change, and sustainability. The ideal candidate will be proactive, resourceful, self-motivated, and possess excellent interpersonal skills. A keen eye for detail and strong presentation and written abilities are vital, along with proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word. This role is not just a job; it’s a chance to make a tangible difference in the field of building performance. 

If you are interested in learning and earning that check out all the details here: 


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