Building Performance Insights - August 2017

Welcome to our August edition of Building Performance Insights, our monthly round up to help make your buildings work harder for your organisation and people.

Several announcements, most recently being from the Government on battery storage, show a great deal of appetite for increased flexibility of energy use. This is both on the supply side where there are limitations on capacity and the demand side where customers stand to save significant amounts from smoothing loads at peak times. Maximising opportunities to switch off entirely through energy efficiency however will always ensure the greatest savings at least cost
This month we’d like to share what our clients and others are doing to reduce energy, cost and carbon in their estates.
Over the last 12 months we’ve helped our clients to achieve the best outcomes from energy performance contracts, understand where savings can be made from building management systems (BMS) and delivering staff engagement and behavioural change campaigns. 
Finally, we share some thoughts and ideas on how best to reduce operating costs and the carbon footprint of your estate with our easy to read guides.
If you would like to discuss how we can reduce the energy, carbon and cost used in operating your estate then please get in touch.


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The energy reduction investment case really stacks up

Investing in energy efficiency needs to compete amongst investment cases within an organisation. However, this type of investment almost always makes sound economic sense. Investing in energy saving typically offers a fast ROI, given that £1 saved on energy is equivalent to a £20 increase in sales in a business with a net profit margin 5%.

In our experience, it's much cheaper, quicker and easier to save £1 of energy than increase sales by £20. Most businesses can reduce their energy use by 15 to 20% so the opportunities are significant.  

If you’re unsure where to start you can review the Carbon Trusts guidance or contact us for an informal chat.

Birmingham Airport renews annual energy support contract with LCMB

The partnership between Birmingham Airport and LCMB continued in June when a new annual contract was agreed to support the airport team in their work to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Since May 2013, LCMB have provided a wide-ranging energy support service to introduce new ways of finding savings. We are currently working on developing and managing a range of invest to save projects supported by a continuing behavioural change strategy to engage staff at all levels in the organisation. Planned projects include the replacement of motors in air handling units with efficient direct drive motors, a further wave of LED lighting, recommissioning of PIR sensors and the introduction of photocells, as well as several projects that are spearheaded by our energy champions.

Find out more about our work at Birmingham Airport.
Find out more about our Behaviour change programme.

LCMB supports King’s College London and Bouygues deliver significant energy and carbon savings

For over two years now LCMB has been working with King’s College London (KCL) and Bouygues Energies and Services (BYES) in developing and agreeing an energy performance contract variation for two PFI buildings. This was signed in November 2016 as posted on our website early in 2017. Focus has now turned to the delivery element where LCMB are supporting both parties in maximising savings. Much of the initial LED lighting has now been installed supported by a staff and student engagement campaign developed and managed by LCMB. Further measures to reach the target 14% cost savings and 1500 tCO2 are planned with the majority to be fully implemented before the end of 2017.

 Getting the best out of your BMS system

In July, LCMB completed a second phase of work at the University of Reading to provide detailed scoping for optimising their Building Management system (BMS). This work across three campuses follows on from a successful first phase focused on the universities main Whiteknights campus. Expected savings from this set of measures are anticipated to exceed £20,000 per annum, improve comfort conditions and contribute to their goal of a 45% reduction in carbon emissions by 2021. We provide a rundown of prior work completed for the University of Reading here.

LCMB are also working with University College Hospitals NHS foundation trust (UCLH) to get the best out of their BMS systems. On several sites, the BMS data is not visible to energy and estates team and can only be accessed locally. We are project managing a solution that will bring together BMS and its associated energy data from a range of disparate sources. The project is expected to deliver significant opportunities to save energy cost and carbon emissions, and has the potential to act as an ongoing continuous commissioning tool.

Saving energy and improving workplace productivity – LCMB’s WLP+ Project

Improving productivity, and a focus on health and wellbeing is a hot topic right now, and LCMB are at the forefront, leading on an Innovate UK and EPSRC supported research project, Whole Life Performance Plus. There is a compelling case for improving the quality of indoor environments for the benefit of occupants, but much of the work done neglects the importance of associated energy use. This can lead to situations such as improving the quality of fresh air at the cost of increased energy demand.
The objective of WLP+ is to develop a methodology for increasing workplace productivity by 10% whilst also reducing building energy use by 30%, by means of a better understanding of the relationship between indoor environmental quality and people’s productivity. Testing is currently underway in real-world offices, where measures of energy, indoor environmental quality, and occupant performance are being assessed. The final results will be published next year.


John swims 10k to raise money for The Warriner School, Bloxham, Oxfordshire.

For the last 12 months John O’Brien, LCMB Founder and MD has been working with Nigel Smith, Careers lead and the team at The Warriner School, in Bloxham, Oxfordshire as their Enterprise Advisor to help the school prepare their students for careers and life after school.

“I've been amazed at what Nigel and the team achieve on a very tight budget and this budget is getting tighter due to reduced funding for all schools over the coming years. For this reason I’ve decided to support the school by swimming to raise sponsorship” says John.

In September of this year John is planning to swim lake Coniston, end to end, a distance of just under 10km in refreshing water of 14°C.  This will be a real personal challenge for him as two years ago he struggled to even swim 25m in his local pool. John is covering the full cost of the swim personally and the money raised will help Nigel and the team at The Warriner School invest in even more inspiring and enriching events for the students at The Warriner School.

If you’d like to support John raise money for The Warriner School, you can do it via this link.

Energy World
This month’s roundup of news:
Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards are due to be introduced next year. This is a requirement on landlords (commercial and residential) and potentially a benefit for tenants:
National Grid plots major overhaul of balancing services, for the UK's electrical grid.

At LCMB, we’ve recently launched two useful step by step guides for Directors, mangers and operators of estates.
Our ultimate guide to improving business performance is a framework for businesses to configure their estates in order to improve competitive advantage, productivity, return on investment and align themselves for future demands.
Our guide for higher education performance shows you how to configure your estate, achieve optimal usage, improve energy and cost and manage risk.

Energy can often be the second largest controllable cost after staff costs. To ensure your built assets deliver actual value for money for your organisation,
it is key that this is given the focus it deserves.
LCMB are specialists in combining strategic services in facilities management, project management and energy management and ensuing this is delivered to produce tangible outcomes.
We deliver a range of services for customers with issues and needs like yours. Our offering spans the creating and embedding strategic plans for energy and carbon reduction, devising and project managing invest to save schemes, measurement and verification, running behavioural change programmes, as well as compliance services. For more info, click here to download a brochure.
To discuss how our utilities services can help you reduce the cost and carbon impact of running your estate,  
please contact Matt Whitehead on t: 01295 722823, e:

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